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Evo 2018: Check Out 15 Minutes Of Gameplay From The Kill La Kill Game

Also playable at Evo


Evo is now more than just a fighting game tournament nowadays, game publishers are now taking the time to showcase new games here once in a while. Similar to what we saw with Dissidia Final Fantasy NT last year, a new 3D arena fighting game is playable and showcased this year in the form of the new Kill La Kill game.

Full title Kill La Kill The Game: IF, it is an arena fighter published by Arc System Works and plays similarly to Dissidia or the Naruto games, only it is limited to a 1V1 affair.

Controls here are very simple, you only do tilts (one button + one direction) for a specific special move. The unique mechanic here you can trigger a shout of words match called a Ketsui Testament. Winning gains you a Ketsui level up to level 3 with each giving access to more powerful moves. Think Injustice 2’s clashing system but with more anime flair.

Here’s a gameplay footage with a breakdown by developers APlus Games. An English interpreter is also there to give translations on the fly.

There is also an official breakdown of mechanics and movesets for the two playable characters so far, Matoi Ryuko and Kiryuin Satsuki.

Kill La Kill The Game: IF is set for release next year on the PS4 and PC.

Via Crunchyroll