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Contracted Game-Testers At Rockstar Lincoln Are Getting Converted To Full-Time

A sign of improvement


Rockstar last year caught flak for boasting about working overtime, which led to an investigation by Kotaku exposing the many bad practices on their treatment of employees. Though some employees share their side of the story where it’s not as bad as it looks, we can all agree that Rockstar really needs to step up with how they manage their workforce.

Kotaku, based on their sources, has now reported that things are starting to improve. It is reported that game-testers over at Rockstar Lincoln, which is the main studio handling QA for their GTA and Red Dead Redemption games, are now getting converted from temporary contracts to full-time employees. The changes took place on August 1st.

Though we don’t know how many of the staff are now full-time employees, or whether this will affect the other contracted staffs in various Rockstar studios across the world.

Working conditions are also reportedly improving. A rule that mandates all testers at Rockstar Lincoln to store phones in their lockers and not have them on desks have since rescinded.

Looks like game companies are started to focus on improving workplace practice, culture and moral as unfavorable reports of such malpractices are getting out more and more. With this, and the many different companies talking about avoiding and reducing crunch, this should help game developers are not working too hard and unfairly just for our entertainment.

Source: Kotaku