Buy The PS4 Version Of Dirt 5 And Get The PS5 Version As A Free Upgrade

Codemasters confirmed that Dirt 5 will include a PS5 upgrade for free for those that buy the upcoming off-road racer on PS4.

On the PlayStation Blog, Codemasters confirmed that this will apply for either digital and physical versions of the PS4 version.

Dirt 5 confirmed to use Xbox Smart Delivery– Xbox’s fancy label where you own the Xbox One and Xbox Series X version with one purchase.

While Sony doesn’t have this fancy label, more and more games are going to support free PS5 upgrades, including Cyberpunk 2077.

Dirt 5 will be out on October 9 for the PS4, PC (Steam) and Xbox One. It will be out on PS5 and Xbox Series X soon, and Stadia next year.

Source: PlayStation Blog


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