Build Impossible Theme Parks In Park Beyond, Releasing This June

Park Beyond is a theme park builder that does not restrict itself to simulation rules. Want a build a roller coaster where the tracks stop mid-way because there’s a cannon that shoots visitors off through floating hoops and then reattaches back to a track? Sure. A Ferris Wheel with multiple floating wheels and the ride moves in a chain belt that goes around all those wheels? Why not.

In Park Beyond, what’s considered cursed rides in other theme park builders are fair game here, and the presentation goes over the top as well with a lot, a lot, of vibrant colours.

Developers Limbic Entertainment and publisher Bandai Namco released a new gameplay trailer, showing off the many rides you can create, as well an assortment of Pac-Man and zombie-themed objects available if you pre-order.

Also, there’s a closed beta of Park Beyond available for PC players starting May 9. You can sign up for that here.

Limbic Entertainment previously made Tropico 6, a city-builder strategy game. On a tangential note, the other developer of previous Tropico games is also releasing a new game this year that isn’t Tropico.

Park Beyond will be out on June 15 for PS5, PC (Steam) and Xbox Series X|S. For Southeast Asia, links to pre-order the game can be found here.

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