Build Flying Cities In A Post-Apocalyptic Future In Sphere – Flying Cities

There are a bunch of new city-builder games these days. There’s one about building in the post-apocalypse. There’s also one about building flying cities.

But what about building both? But with a sci-fi theme?

Assemble Entertainment announced Sphere – Flying Cities, a sci-fi city-builder about building the first flying city- with the planet’s last remaining humans.

A massive asteroid has struck the moon, and the knock-on effect has caused Earth’s whole ecosystem to collapse. A last-minute anti-gravity tech has been developed to send one city flying up in the sky, but by being the last of the surviving humans, you’ll need to keep the city flying.

Sphere – Flying Cities will have you build what’s basically a floating rock, so the city building aspect should be familiar to fans of the genre. There’s also survival elements, as you need to ensure the needs of the colonists are taken care of, ensure the defence of your city (guarded by a deflector shield) is running and repair the buildings should they take damage.

But there will be times sacrifices must be made to ensure the city keeps on flying. You don’t want to have power supply problems.

There’s also a tech tree to explore, and you can send in drones to not only build buildings and dig resources but also scout to find for more resources and survivors.

Developed by Hexagon Sphere Games, Sphere – Flying Cities will be out on Steam Early Access later this year.

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