Anthem Rework Is Currently In “Incubation” Phase With A Small Team

Anthem wasn’t the game EA and Bioware wanted to be, and the developer has confirmed that an overhaul of the disappointing looter-shooter is in the works.

Though don’t hold your breath for that Anthem NEXT coming really soon.

A new post on Bioware’s website has given some details with where the rework is currently at. According to Christian Dailey, Studio Director at Bioware Austin, it’s at the “incubation” phase. Otherwise known as prototyping.

“We are a small team – about 30-ish, earning our way forward as we set out to hit our first major milestone goals,” he wrote on the post. “Spoiler – this is going to be a longer process.”

The goal of using a relatively smaller team is so that the development team can be more agile- easier to go back to the drawing board and scrap progress when it’s a small team.

The post also adds that the team wants to get players in with feedback, so from now on we can expect to hear more from this Bioware team on Anthem updates. Be it in the form of live streams, sharing concept art on social media or blog posts.

Again, don’t hold your breath for that shiny, big, game-changing update that will turn the game into a better one any time soon. But for hardcore fans of the game that want to see it be better, rest assured the developer will be more transparent in their process than ever before.


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