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All The Game Announcements From The Devolver Big Fancy Press Conference


One of the gems of E3, Devolver has graced us with yet another episode in the ever-confusing narrative of the Devolver Digital E3 Press Conferences. Here’s all the announcements

Fall Guys Ultimate Knockout

Fall Guys is a physics-based platformer battle royale with a cute jelly bean aesthetic. It emphasizes failure, so it looks like its gonna be a lot of fun. It comes out in early 2020 and will be console exclusive on PS4.


Devolver Bootleg

Devolver Bootleg is a collection of bootleg Devolver games, published by Devolver Digital. It’s currently on sale at a massive discount of 1%, and costs about as much as a value meal from McDonald’s. It contains such hits as Hotline Milwaukee, Enter The Gun Dungeon and Shootyboots.


Carrion is a “reverse horror experience” where you play as the big scary thing, escaping containment. It looks like a cool idea for a platformer, with a great Aliens-like aesthetic. It comes out 2020 for PC and consoles.

Enter the Gungeon: House of the Gundead

An arcade shooter a la Time Crisis based on Enter The Gungeon, House of the Gundead is “Coming to arcades in 2020”. No word on a digital release, however.

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The Messenger Picnic Panic

A free expansion for The Messenger that finally gets a release date, it comes out July 11th, 2019.

If you care about the “lore” of the ongoing Devolver Narrative, you can also watch the whole press conference right here:


Noticeably missing from this year’s press conference was the HD remaster of Metal Wolf Chaos, which was delayed last year.