All Of The Scapes Scenes In Gran Turismo Sport Are Captured Using Sony’s Alpha Cameras

This should come to no surprise, but the thousands of scenes in Scapes mode in Gran Turismo Sport, a first-party game for Sony’s PS4, is captured using a Sony camera. In particular, the α7R III.

In a new interview piece conducted by the Alpha Universe Editorial Team, they have asked automotive photographer Chikara Kitabatake and Hiroshi Kanzaki from Polyphony Digital to talk about the efforts in realising Scapes mode.

Previously in Gran Turismo 6, the equivalent photo mode, Photo Travel, involves recreating locations as 3D assets. This is time-consuming to make, and also expensive, which resulted in Scapes for GT Sport- which has 1400 locations compared to GT6’s five.

Scapes utilised real photographs as sceneries where you can place the 3D car models from the game, which results in quite the photo-realistic imagery. Kanzaki attributed the Sony Alpha camera’s “compatibility with CG (computer graphics)”.

“The level of resolution is high, it draws stunning edges, and the colors are neutral in tone with no real quirks,” he said. “So I think it’s possibly the best camera for CG.”

The photography team captured 60,000,000 of various different locations across the globe, including in Malaysia and various countries in Southeast Asia. This was done in the span of five years

The interview also shared a dream of Kitabatake: the ability for anyone to share their own Scapes location photos. It’s no confirmation, but work on photographing more location still continue- the interview mentioned that some locations have yet to appear in the game. Which may carry over to Polyphony’s next game: Gran Turismo 7.

Source: Gran Turismo

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