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After Its PC Release, Monster Hunter: World Sales Has Exceeded 10 Million Worldwide


Now that’s a mega hit. Monster Hunter: World finally brought the series into the mainstream with a console and PC release, and it’s certainly telling. It sold 10 million units.

This was achieved following the release of the PC version on Steam, in which is noted to be priced much cheaper for Malaysia compared to the PS4 version. And possibly so in other markets.

With this achievement, the Monster Hunter series has collectively sold 50 million units. Monster Hunter: World is now Capcom’s most successful game to date with that figure.

Our review of Monster: Hunter World called it “a game that focuses on a great gameplay loop, then builds outwards from there to add plenty of smaller enjoyable things for your brain to snack on until you’re ready for the next hunt“. It is now available on the PS4, PC and Xbox One.

Source: Capcom