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Monster Hunter: World Coming To PC August 9th

Unlocked framerate, remappable controls, and many other graphical settings available


Monster Hunter: World’s long-awaited PC version now has a date and it’s coming out really soon. While the PS4 and Xbox One versions has been out since January, with tons of post-launch content already being added, the PC finally gets its due next month. And suffice to say, Capcom is saying all the right things when it comes to this PC port.

However, man of the post-launch content and fixes will not be on PC just yet. All the past events on consoles are set to still arrive on PC, and future events will be scheduled differently on PC.

The good news is, there’s plenitude of settings to tweak and tinker. Capcom showcased the graphical settings menu and confirms that it can go all the way to 4K at 60fps if you have the power to crank it that high. Keybindings can be remapped as well for those playing on mouse and keyboard.

It may be a long wait for PC fans, but it’s certainly a good game. Monster Hunter: World has sold 8 million copies worldwide so far, making the best-selling game from Capcom ever. Check out our review here.

Monster Hunter: World will be available on Steam on August 9th for only RM139.

Source: Capcom Unity