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You Only Need To Buy One Copy Of A Way Out To Play With A Buddy Online, Here’s How


A Way Out, the ambitious split-screen co-op adventure by Hazelight, is out now. In order to play  through the adventures of Leo and Vince as they escape prison and deal with some of their problems together. The game is strictly co-op, you always need to have a second player by your side, or have the second player play online.

If you plan to play online with a buddy, the good news is that you only need one copy of the game to play it. Here’s how it works.

For the second player who wants to play A Way Out, all you need to do is download a “Friend Pass”. This is essentially the full game, but can only be launched when you are invited to join a session by a player who bought the game.

For the second player who wants to play for free, click on “play withFriend Pass”

For PC, you can download the Friend Pass on the same page of the game’s store. For PS4, the friend pass is misleadingly labelled as a demo on the store page- it’s not. You cannot launch the game in any way from the menu.

The Friend Pass on PS Store Asia for PS4, it is under the “Try Free Demo” button.

Once the Friend Pass version is downloaded, now all you have to do is accept an invite from a friend in your friends list and boom, the second player can now play the game for free. There is no matchmaking or methods to play with random people from the Friend Pass.

This way, you can invite anyone to play with no cost outside of the initial download that is. If the Friend Pass player then wants to play it again with someone else, the game has the expected dedicated button to immediately purchase the game.

A Way Out is out now on PS4, PC and Xbox One.

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