You Can Download A Demo Of King Of Fighters XIV On PS4 Now

SNK announced recently that a playable demo for The King Of Fighters XIV will be available soon, and we are happy to report that is now available to download on the Playstation Store. You can search in the store under the demos section, or go to this link here to claim the download.

The demo provides 7 of the massive cast of 50 characters to try out. Three of them are the returning warriors Kyo, Iori and Mai. The first two are the poster characters of the series-pictured above- and Mai is famous for her.. appearance, to say the least.

The other 4 are new characters introduced in the latest entry: Silvie, Shu’nei, Nelson and the most awesome of all, the King of Dinosaurs. He has a Dinosaur mask and do command throws, which is definitely awesome.

The King Of Fighters XIV is the first of the mainline series to ditch the classy but expensive 2D sprites for full 3D models, though initial response to the changed art style is rather lukewarm.

But how does the gameplay holds up? If it’s as solid as previous entries, we could see the old rivals of Capcom in the fighting game space make a big move with KOF XIV. So give the demo a shot before considering to ignore or buy the game when it launches on August 23.

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