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Yora Adventures Lets You Run Your Own Tabletop RPG Campaign With Friends Through A Mobile App


Here’s an interesting idea. Why not make a tabletop RPG system that can be run through just a mobile app? No pens, paper, dice and lengthy setup times.

There is a time and a place for those, but if you want to get into tabletop RPG quickly and hassle-free, Yora Adventures is attempting to solve that. It’s a tabletop RPG system where you can get 4 players and 1 game master run through a campaign through a handy-dandy game app.

All of the character sheets, dice rolling and damage calculations are now handled by the game app. And yes, the game master gets to call the shots and determine where the story and game goes. They can create maps, add dialogue and story text, add NPCs and provide loot and gear through the app.

The pitch here sounds like it’s the perfect solution to get a tabletop RPG campaign set up quickly, considering you don’t mind losing the tactile feel of how it is played traditionally.

Yora Adventures is set to launch in Q4 2019. The launch will be adding the fantasy theme, free for everyone. There will be different themes available for purchase later. So if you want to play an RPG campaign with a sci-fi, apocalypse, mystery, western, history, crime or any other themes, those will come in time.