Xenonauts 2 Responds To Feedback, Adjusted Early Access Roadmap Plans

Goldhawk Interactive has responded to feedback on its Early Access release of Xenonauts 2, the X-COM-like (and XCOM-like) strategy tactics game.

The devs already have a roadmap of content laid out (available in-game) as they continue to work on the game, but has now taken the feedback from players and have updated their plans accordingly.

The most interesting feedback is how Xenonauts 2 feels like Xenonauts 1. For those not in the know, Xenonauts 2’s premise is a re-do of Xenonauts 1 rather than a direct sequel. Most of the changes- like a switch to 3D graphics for the tactical layer and the additional of a human faction of alien sympathisers called the Cleaners- doesn’t really add much difference to the original Xenonauts, which released in full in 2015 after a period of Early Access.

The devs have this to say on the topic:

“While I do understand this view, I think it is important to remember that Xenonauts 2 is not yet finished. There’s a lot more improvements and content planned for Early Access, and the game will feel less and less like the original Xenonauts (and more and more superior to it) with every new update.

“It’s probably also worth pointing out that the original Xenonauts wasn’t particularly well received when it first launched into Early Access back in 2013 (thankfully before the days of Steam reviews), but the community feedback and sales revenue allowed us improve the game dramatically – and I’m sure the same will be true for the sequel!”

The post also points out some memory leaks in the current build that may affect loading times, an option to adjust timed missions to be longer (up to 99 turns which effectively removes all timing pressure), and mod support.

Xenonauts 2 is out on Steam Early Access for PC. Check out what we think of the current state of the game in our impressions feature here.

Source: Steam

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