World Of Warcraft: Dragonflight Gets First Content Update

Blizzard has released the first content update post-release for its current expansion of World Of Warcraft, Dragonflight.

Update 10.0.5 includes new in-game features, events some quality-of-life and accessibility additions, and class balance changes.

Here are some of the notable additions in the new update:

  • New in-game feature: Trading Post (Live on February 1)
    • Traders have set up shop in both Stormwind and Orgrimmar where players can pick-up their monthly reward of 500 Trader’s Tender before tackling their monthly log to earn even more. Trader’s Tender can be exchanged for rotating items in the shop including mounts, pets, and cosmetic items.
  • New in-game events: The Storm’s Fury
    • Players can access the Primalist Future through a portal at the Temporal Conflux in Thaldraszuz, where they can battle against the bolstered might of the Primalists to earn Essence of the Storm, which can be exchanged for rewards including gear and a mount.
  • Expanded Transmogrification 
    • Transmog enthusiasts can expand their wardrobe collections as Common (white) and Poor (grey) quality items are now eligible for transmog.
  • New User Interface (UI) & Accessibility Features
    • Edit Mode has new additions for players to explore including the ability to modify XP bars, bags, and the micro button bar.
      • Additionally, motion sickness controls for dragonriding have been added to the accessibility options menu.
  • Class Balance Changes
    • Several classes will see some balance changes to abilities as well as modifications to their respective talent trees.

The full patch notes can be found here.

This is one of four minor content updates, one for each real-world season, as outlined in the 2023 content roadmap. In-between two minor content updates are bigger updates which will bring new zones, raids, and the start of a new PVP season.

World Of Warcraft: Dragonflight is now available on PC via Battlenet.

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