Wizard Of Legend Is A Rougelike With Magical Powers, Out Now On PS Store Asia

Need a quick fix of a rougelike? Then Wizard Of Legend may interest you. Despite the oddly generic name, this new indie game by Contingent99 looks pretty interesting.

It’s a roguelike but you play as a wizard instead, with hundreds of elemental powers to find and unleash. Rendered in beautiful stylised pixel art, you (and optionally one friend via local co-op) will venture into many procedural dungeons and wreck havoc along the way. And die. And do it all over again but better this time.

Wizard Of Legend is available on PS4, PC and Xbox One. While it has been available last month on Steam, it has recently released on PS Store Asia, which can be found here. Interestingly, the PS4 version is being published by Humble Bundle- which has branched out to publish small indie titles. The list has grown since the last news, which now includes this game and many other.s

The PS4 and PC version on Steam are priced the same- a very low and affordable RM33.


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