When Can We Expect The PS5 To Get Discounted?

Okay, now that the PS5 has a release date and pricing (though no regional pricing as of yet for Malaysia), we could all start saving up to buy one. But what if you don’t want to be an early adopter and wait for the first price drop?

A report from e-commerce aggregator iPrice Group has predicted that we should see a small price drop after 6 months from the PS5 launch- in May 2021. Prices may drop to $375.99 USD (roughly RM1,555) for PS5 Digital Edition and $469.99 (roughly RM1950). At least RM100 cheaper.

iPrice Group derived data based on the price history of the PS4 Pro, Sony’s previous console launch, looking at selling prices of the console from over 150 online shopping websites.

These are not official price drops from Sony, mind. The predicted price cuts come from online retailers and third-party sellers doing seasonal discounts. For official price cuts, based on what we saw with the PS4, it make take around two years for a 15% drop. Still a long way until 2022.

This is just a prediction, mind, but it should give assurance for those who may not be able to get their hands on a PS5 right on launch. It might be worth waiting for a bit anyway when the PS5 is more affordable and wait for games you really want to be released.

Source: iPrice Group

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