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War Selection Is An RTS With A 62-Player Multiplayer Mode, Out Now On Steam Early Access


Real-Time Strategy games are rare these days. But one with multiplayer up to 62 players? For free?

As insane as that sounds, War Selection is doing just that. Developed by indie developer Glyph Worlds, War Selection is an RTS with a pseudo-historical theme, where you start at the Stone Age and develop your faction through the ages. As you progress, you can customise your culture- either going European or Asian- which will have different techs, buildings, and units based on what culture you pick.

War Selection also has a single-player mode, and also what they call Armageddon Mode where the player with the smallest territory will be bombarded by meteor strikes, pushing for more aggressive plays.

RTS in its purest, esports form is played 1V1. Sometimes 2V2. But 62 players at the same time in a teams or free-for-all match? That’s a bit insane. Glyph Worlds is using their own game engine that can support such large players, designed for strategy and MOBA games.

As mentioned, the game is free-to-play, but it does have an optional subscription where players get access to private matches, subscriber-only matches that have extra technologies to unlock in the match, and even influence the game’s development where subscribers can vote for future features.

War Selection is currently available on PC on Steam Early Access.