Upcoming Cities: Skylines DLC Focus On Revamping The Industrial Zones

Cities: Skylines is getting bigger again with another expansion/DLC. Simply called Industries, it is as simple as it is titled, focusing on the Industrial zones of the three core zones you can have in a city.

The simple model of the industrial zones are now getting fleshed out a bit. Supply chain is now a part of the mechanics. While the base game only models how resources need to go to industrial buildings then go the commercial buildings or export it out of the city, now the process involves other buildings within the industrial zone. Extractors, Warehouse, Processing and Auxiliary Buildings and many industrial-themed props will be included.

Aside from that, a new postage service, expanded cargo services such as Cargo Airports five new maps will be included.

The DLC will as always arrive with a free update for all owners of the game. A new radio station, Synthethic Dawn Radio, toll booths, the ability to mark zones as historical to prevent building changes and the ability to add custom name lists for the generated citizens, districts and buildings will be added.

The expansion and free update to Cities: Skylines will be coming on October 23rd for PC. The console versions (Xbox One, PS4 and Switch) are still a few DLCs and updates behind the PC build, but it should come eventually.

Source: Paradox


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