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Turtle Rock Studios Released A “Lost Episode” For Left 4 Dead


Turtle Rock studios, the team that made Left 4 Dead and Evolve, had a rough October as their work to salvage Evolve as a free-to-play game ended. So, what’s next for the team? We don’t know for sure, but in the meantime, they just released what they dubbed as a “lost episode” for the original Left 4 Dead.

While Valve took the reigns of the series by releasing Left 4 Dead 2 just one year after the original’s release, Turtle Rock still had a level they were going to make but eventually did not get released..until now. The level, called “Dam It”, bridges the storyline of the group from “Dead Air” to “Bloody Harvest”. A few features are missing however, but the level is completely playable from start to end. There’s also two unreleased survival maps.

This is technically an unofficial release, despite this being made by the original developers. But it’s free! Head over to the Turtle Rock Studios forum for the link to get the lost episode.