Try Out Free Demos For Upcoming Games By Soedesco As Part Of The Steam Game Festival

Soedesco are among the many developers and publishers participating in the Steam Game Festival Summer Edition, a digital event where you can download limited-time demos for over hundreds of games.

Soedesco is offering three of its games with a limited-time demo. The most interesting is for the upcoming RPG they are publishing, Monster Crown.

Monster Crown looks a lot like a Pokemon game, but less kid-friendly and more Shin Megami Tensei vibes to it. You will be making pacts with monsters and also breed and fuse them to be stronger. And you’ll be exploring the lands of Crown Island that’s getting taken over by a new threat. There are also decisions to make that will colour the outcome of the island- be a saviour of the island or be a dark messiah?

Monster Crown will launch on Steam Early Access on July 31. The demo includes online battles and trading. You can download the demo here.

The next game, Truck Driver, is what the name implies- be a truck driver and haul cargo across the open world- but with a story. The game first released on consoles (PS4, Xbox One) but the demo will be the first time PC players can get their hands on the wheel. You can haul a bit of cargo and meet Charlie Dover the fisherman. The demo can be found here.

Finally, Kaze And The Wild Masks is a 2D platformer channelling Donkey Kong Country 2 and Super Mario World vibes. The demo features the first world, which should be a good sampler. The demo can be found here.

All the demos are time-limited, and will last until June 22 (June 23, 1AM Malaysian Time, +8 GMT).


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