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Travelling To.. Junkertown- New Overwatch Map Coming Soon


Last year Overwatch revealed its first new map at gamescom- Eichenwalde- and it looks like they will be continuing the tradition. This year we got another new map alongside a new animated short.

The new map, Junkertown is home of the Junkers, of which heroes Junkrat and Roadhog called home, or used to. The slums located in the literal Australian wasteland (not joking here- it’s justified in the lore) looks to be an Escort map- a full payload push from the doors all the way into the Queen’s room. The rotating platforms at the end should provide some interesting gameplay moments.

To coincide the new map reveal, a new short featuring Junkrat and Roadhog is now available. Aside from the comedic writing, it serves to give more context to the Junkertown map. What exactly is the payload we are pushing (or stopping) is all explained.

Like most newly revealed maps, it will take a while until it becomes a full release. Expect to see Junkertown available on the PTR after gamescom is done, and a few more months after for its full release on PC and consoles.