Transform Races Coming To GTA Online Soon

You can race on land, sea and in the air in GTA Online, but what about all at once in one race? That’s what GTA Online will be adding sometime this month in the form of Transform Races. These new race type will allow you to change vehicle types mid-way through the races, allowing for even more crazier races than the current stunt track offerings. That means different car types (from Supers to Off-Roads), to boats, planes, helicopters and even skydiving can all be added in a race.

While there will be Rockstar-created tracks, expect to see the tools to make your own races like these, as well as new props, in the Race Creator will also be made available.

This sounds eerily similar to the idea of Ubisoft’s The Crew 2. The first game allows players to switch cars mid-race in user-created races, but the upcoming sequel is taking that idea to the next level by integrating the switching with not just cars, but boats and planes as well.

Of course, like how Rockstar made its own Battle Royale mode, expect to see some twists from similar ideas rather than straight-up carbon copies. Transform Races will be part of the many extra additions that will be added after the launch of the latest update to GTA Online: Smuggler’s Run.

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