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There’s A Battle Royale Mode Now Available In GTA Online


It’s safe to assume battle royale has now become a new genre of its own. Put a set number of players, no respawns, last man standing wins. Popularised by modder turned game developer PlayerUnknown, it’s only a matter of time every other game wants to have their take of the formula- considering PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) has amassed a huge following, even reaching the second highest concurrent number of players on Steam– and was the highest, beating both Dota 2 and GTA Online, last weekend.

That’s where the new Adversary Mode in GTA Online comes in. Motor Wars is basically that. It resembles a previous Adversary Mode called Drop Zone, but now you need to collect guns, explosives, and even Weaponised Vehicles to beat three other teams. Plus the map will shrink over time, like a Battle Royale game should.

Motor Wars comes alongside the new Smuggler’s Run update which added more properties, customisable airplanes and more. The update is now available on the PS4, PC and Xbox One.