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New GTA Online Update Sports A Familiar Name, But It’s All About Airplanes


The next big content update for GTA Online is called Smuggler’s Run. Some of you might remember the launch title for PS2 of the same name, developed by Angel Studios- now known as Rockstar San Diego (the team leading the Red Dead series). Smuggler’s Run and its sequel were all about navigating through the off-road open environment to get the ‘goods’ before a rival team, or the police, takes it first.

But that sounds way too close like GTA Online’s last update offered.

Instead, this update is focusing on smuggling items from the sky like the story mode in GTA V did. New missions involving transporting cargo- this time by air, new aircrafts that are customisable to fit any mission and new properties to store them in will be added. You will be guided by Nervous Ron in these new missions.

The main content drop next week on August 29, but like the Gunrunning update, expect to see small drips coming out weekly in the form of new vehicles and new Adversary Modes.