Trackmania Will Be Free, But There’s A Yearly Subscription For Access To More Features

Trackmania Nations is getting remade, dubbed only as Trackmania. It’s getting delayed to July, but it looks promising.

Though apparently it has a weird business model. Like Trackmania Nations, Trackmania will be free-to-play, but that’s the Starter Access, with limited features.

More advanced features will require a yearly subscription of two different tiers- the Standard Access and Club Access.

Here’s a breakdown of all the features from each of three levels of access:

Starter Access:

  • Free
  • Access to official campaigns, to be refreshed on a quarterly basis (25 tracks on launch)
  • Solo play and multiplayer
  • Arcade Channel
  • Try out track, replay and skin editors, and map review servers
  • Weekly Nations League, for casual competition

Standard Access

  • RM35 a year
  • All features from Starter Access
  • Track Of The Day
  • Full access to replay, track editor and map review servers
  • Keep all Track Of The Day and official campaign tracks for later plays

Club Access

  • RM105 a year, RM209 for three years
  • All features from Starter Access and Standard Access
  • Join and create clubs
  • Skin customisation
  • Special campaigns
  • Online Rooms
  • Training tracks and competitions
  • Can enter Open Grand League- the official qualifiers organised by Ubisoft Nadeo for the Trackmania Grand League

While it’s free-to-play, most of the features are geared for the hardcore, esports-focused members of the Trackmania community. Even the endorsed esports events are locked behind a subscription.

Still, the free-to-play and base subscription model doesn’t sound too bad. So it’s not a total deal-breaker just yet.

We shall see if Trackmania will recapture that magic of the original Trackmania Nations release when it comes out on July 1 on PC (Epic Games Store, Uplay).

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