The New Trackmania Game Is Delayed To July, But Here’s A New Trailer

Another understandable delay has hit another game. The new Trackmania Nations remake, now simply titled as Trackmania, has been delayed to July.

Developer Ubisoft Nadeo has cited the transition to working at home during the pandemic crisis as the reason why. Again, understandable, and we’ve seen other games getting delays for the same reason before.

However, we do get a snazzy first look at the new Trackmania in action. As mentioned before, this is based on Trackmania Nations, the free-to-play version of the arcade racer utilising the Stadium biome. The car model loses all the aero bits and now looks more like a sleek open-wheeler, with the speed displayed on the back of the car itself.

The trailer also shows a bit of the track pieces for you to make custom tracks, and the dazzling chaos that is multiplayer. Have a look:

Trackmania will now be available on July 1st on PC (Epic Games Store, Uplay).

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