Total Tank Simulator Out Now On PC

Total Tank Simulator, the tank sim that’s not purely a tank sim, is out now on PC via Steam.

Players can be the commander and setup millitary forces made up of tanks and not-tank units and see the battle unfolds, all with physics enabled. But if you don’t like just being a spectator, you can jump in take control of any of the units in the first-person, and switch between them on-the-fly.

Now this sounds like more of the underrated Battlefield 2: Modern Combat game, that also lets you switch between units on the fly.

Anyway, Total Tank Simulator comes in three modes. A campaign where you can command one of the six playable nations (United
States, United Kingdom, Germany, France, Poland, and USSR) in battles inspired by world history.

There’s also sandbox mode, where you simulate your own battles with whatever units you like. Plus, there’s Shadow Mode, a challenge mode where you have to continually beat your past lineup of army- a battle against your past self.

Total Tank Simulator is out now on PC (Steam) for RM49, with a 10% discount currently on for early purchases.


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