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TimeSplitters Co-Creator Joins Deep Silver To Work On The FPS Series


THQ Nordic, the company that spans publisher THQ Nordic, Deep Silver and Coffe Stain, has announced some development going on for the TimeSplitters IP. Deep Silver bought the IP recently, and on the recent earnings call has revealed that Steve Ellis, co-creator of the franchise, is now working under them, specifically for TimeSplitters.

“We’re delighted to announce that one of the series’ creators, Steve Ellis, has joined us to help plot the future course for this franchise,” the statement reads.

Ellis first worked at Rare and involved with the FPS classics GoldenEye and Perfect Dark. The two later founded Free Radical Design which made the successful TimeSplitters as well as Second Sight, the action thriller with psychic powers. Ellis was around at Crytek when the company bought the TimeSplitters IP. Though Crytek did not do much with the franchise other than allowing fanmade remaster of the games.

On LinkedIn, Ellis’ new job is only described as a “Secret Role” at the moment of writing.

The TimeSplitters series continues the FPS blueprint Rare defined with GoldenEye, including the now-antiquated aiming system, UI and level design. But peppered with time-traveling shenanigans and a cast of wacky characters including a monkey and a live gingerbread man.

It remains to be seen which team in the THQ Nordic’s rather large domain will work on TimeSplitters. Dambusters, the team behind the latest Homefront, housed the remnants of the former Free Radical/Crytek UK studio, which would be a nice story. But that team is now entrusted on the long-in-development Dead Island 2.

Still, the dream to see another deathmatch with all of the wacky, jokey characters screaming in agony, remains alive.