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THQ Nordic Acquires Koch Media, Gets Saints Row, Metro Series Back

"New Red Faction by Volition When?"


It all comes full circle sooner or later as THQNordic has acquired 100% stake of Koch Media GmH, who is the parent company of publisher, Deep Silver, which publishes games such as the Metro, Dead Island and Saints Row series.

Both Metro and Saints Row developers were part of the original THQ (which had been acquired by the current owners) so it sort of a homecoming to these two since the original went bankrupt back in 2013.

A more exciting notion is that Deep Silver Volition can possibly consider another entry to the Red Faction series since the rights is owner by THQNordic and presumably help them cover the layoffs they suffered over the failure of Agent of Mayhem.

This acquishing, in my view, is very beneficial for all parties involved but what do you guys think? Let us know down in the comment section down below!