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This Video Highlights The Mind Of Million Onion Hotel Creator Yoshiro Kimura


Yoshiro Kimura is the man behind the mobile game Million Onion Hotel. It’s weird yet charming, like a lot of the games he previously worked on such as Moon, Chulip, Rule of Rose and Dandy Dungeon.

While his name might not be familiar for most people, his path to becoming a game designer is fascinating to hear. His travels around the world has influenced the games he made, promoting a different worldview than conventional games in Japan was. His near-death experience struggling with a heart disease years back and his love for the arcades kept him bouncing back into game development, despite some hiccups throughout his career.

toco toco TV has again delivered another brilliant short documentary worth watching. Hear the story of Yoshiro Kimura while they visit various locations in the city of Tokyo.