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This Video Chronicles The History Of A Cancelled Bionicle Game From 2001 And How Fans Are Now Restoring It


If you were a kid in 2000, you might have remember getting a free CD from Nestle cereals for Lego Bionicle. It was a new line of the construction toy series but with a heavy emphasis on lore and world building. The whole CD was dedicated to explaining the legend of the six Toas- the toy sets that were on sale- and the land they have to protect that is Mata Nui.

While the free CD did have a game- a simple 2D platfomer- it was teased that a full 3D action game would be released sometime in 2001. That never materialised however. There were only a game for the Game Boy Advance and a free Flash-based point-and-click adventure from the perspective of one of the inhabitants of the Mata Nui island. But we never get direct control the six iconic Toas in their earliest renditions ever.

This video by Liam Robertson for the Did You Know Gaming? Youtube channel discusses the said PC game that was cancelled. It revealed the whole structure of the game, plot points and then goes deep into why the game was suddenly never seen the light of day until early this year where builds of the uncompleted game has been acquired by fans. The team, Light Stone, are now working on fixing the build, enhancing it for modern Windows PC, to be distributed on Biomedia Project- the fan site that archives all things Bionicle.

We eventually received various 3D action games based on the Bionicle line since then however. Though none featured the iconic six toas in their first rendition that many are fond of, thanks to that free CD on many cereal boxes.