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There’s A 50GB Day-One Patch For Call Of Duty Black Ops 4


If you are planning to get Call Of Duty Black Ops 4 on disc, prepare for a big day-one patch. Really big.

The physical edition will not launch unless you download and update the game with the day-one patch and that update will be at 50GB large. Also note that for PS4, it is recommended to have at least 112GB of free space so the patch can be downloaded and installed.

The game is playable when you download at least 30% of the files, which lets you access Blackout, the battle royale mode.

This will not affect the digital copies however, which will have the day-one patch included in its main download.

It sucks that physical copies of games are now not offering the convenience it once had. And this trend has no signs of stopping. So for those who pre-ordered the physical editions or planning to get Black Ops 4 on disc, head’s up.

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Source: Activision Support via Destructoid