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Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Beta – First Impressions

The frantic shooter recovers it charm (sort off)


The private beta for Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 has been an eye opening experience after not touching the series from Black Ops 2 right until me playing WW2 at a Sony event early this year.

Me getting into the online beta now kinda gave me an interesting insight on what I’ve missed and what has changed over 6 years of releases, and this is not even the Blackout mode beta yet (that’s coming in September). So, can this beta swoon me over for a purchase? Close but not yet.

Booting up the Beta and choosing Multiplayer,it drops you into a party menu where you and your friends will party up,etc. Here, you can create a class and choose or create your favorite loadout, see what your current character Specialist moves are and see all your perks acquired via Scorestreak.


The beta had a good playlist to play around.


The playlist for this beta is a good showcase of what you’ll get in the full game. Here, they showcased the new mode “Heist”, which is like Search and Destroy but mixed in some Capture the Flag (which I can note is my favorite mode in BLOPS2). The rest are modes that COD community know and love like Team Deathmatch and Control Point, played in new maps that are fast and flowing as usual, they even drop a new map on day 2 of the beta, so that’s interesting


Pick and Choose your favorite specialist.


About those specialist, they have gone and took a bit of inspiration from their friends at Blizzard, where each of the character has their own abilities,which might turn off certain fans. Grenades and Flashbangs (as of this beta anyway) are locked to a certain character only, which means not all players could lobe a grenade to the enemy, but I can see this playing towards those who can plan a tactic to flush out a camping spot or rushing towards a spot.


The map now has Fog of War, making the UAV perk useful.


Before we get into the gunplay, you can notice that the map now only shows a fraction of what it usually shows like in MOBAs. This fog of war effect really makes the matches frantic with the unpredictability, which in a way is more exciting.

The movement now is a slower version of what we’re used to in previous futuristic shooter titles, but is similar to WW2’s. There are still jetpacks in this game but are locked to a certain character as well. Another noticeable feature is the new health system. No more regenerating health but you will get a health injection that regenerates every few minutes, which helps if you’re in a pinch and needed some regen.

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The guns also feels a lot better thanks to Treyarch making a few tweaks here and there to make them more impactful towards you and your enemy. And like before, if you gain more kills, you get to use the scorestreak at anytime which brings in my only complain about this beta.

During one of the matches, the end of it sees the opposing team bombarding my team with constant attack helis and missiles. While this shows how bad I’m playing against them, the matchmaking saw us fighting against level 30+ players with quicker scorestreak perks (that’s a thing). So, if the full game still has this issues, I don’t see this being fun towards anyone when you can’t really have a fair fight.

My usual pose.


To summarize, Black Ops 4 has the potential to be one of the better multiplayer shooters in the ever lasting battle between Battlefield and CoD but, while my complains are small, it’s very significant towards it having a lasting appearance. And let’s say the Blackout mode isn’t as fun as it’s expected it to be, than this could very well drive off newer players. I might not pickup this on launch later in October but maybe Treyarch could prove me wrong next month.

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 is coming out on October 12, 2018 for the PS4, Xbox One and PC.

Impressions based on the PS4 version and played on a base PS4. Private Beta code was given by PlayStation Asia for PS+ Members.