The Sims 4 (And All 33 DLC Packs) Now Available On Steam

EA is bringing all of its PC titles that were exclusive to Origin to Steam. And today, after the EA Play Live stream, more games have made the move.

This includes The Sims 4.

The life simulator, and all of its 33 DLC packs can now be purchased on Steam. It’s still an expensive endeavour if you want to get all of the content (our advice: don’t), but the game and its many packs are currently on discount.

Expansion packs are 50% off (except the newly released Eco Lifestyle Pack), game packs are 25% off and the meagre Stuff packs 20% off.

You will still need Origin installed however to run the game. So you still can’t ditch EA’s proprietary launcher and store to play the game.

The Sims 4 as a base game has vastly improved today compared to the initial launch. But the number of content packs and their high prices can be overwhelming, and expensive. Don’t say we didn’t warn you before jumping into this rabbit hole.


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