The Ramp Is A Minimalist Skateboarding Game, Out Now

What if skateboarding games are stripped into their most pure form? The Ramp is what you might get.

Created by Hyperparadise a.k.a. Paul Schnepf (co-founder of Grizzly Games that made minimalist games Islanders and Superflight), this “skateboarding toy” places you and one skateboarding prop- including the titular ramp. From the four maps, you can expect to pull sick tricks on an empty pool, a multi-story jump ramp and a halfpipe.

From there, you just zone out and do tricks. Grab tricks, grinds, rotations, the usual skateboarding forms of expression.

This is a small game, but for the price of RM15.50, you get a pure skateboarding game with nothing else. Which is a fair asking price.

The Ramp is out now on PC (Steam).

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