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The Path To Be An Overwatch Pro Widens With More Opportunities Around The World


Blizzard announced that the path to be an Overwatch pro playing in the top tier Overwatch League has now been expanded for 2018. The Path To Pro shows the exact flow for any aspiring players to rise from a pubstar to playing in the big leagues.

The first change is the expansion of the feeder series Overwatch Contenders. Contenders were first started for North America and Europe and now will expand to South Africa and Australia.

In addition, existing regional leagues like the highly-regarded OGN Apex in South Korea, Overwatch Premier (also known as the APAC Premier) in China and the Overwatch Pacific Championship for Pacific countries (including Southeast Asia) will all be a Contenders series for their respective regions. Six of the top teams from the three existing leagues will be invited directly to participate in Contenders.

The entry level league, the Overwatch Open Division, will be returning, available for all seven regions. This is where aspiring players should start: form a team (or look for one) and make a name here. Reaching the the top four in the Open Division will lead to the Overwatch Contenders Trials, with a prize pool and a promotion/relegation chance on the line.

Notable Southeast Asian teams such as Mineski and Fire Dragoon are still playing in the Southeast Asian Open Division, now in its third season.

If you think you are up for it, the path to pro has never been this clear.