The New Trackmania Is Out Now On PC

Trackmania, the new one which was originally announced as a Trackmania Nations remake, is out now.

This is more than just a remake. Despite it being a new lick of paint to the Trackmania 2 Stadium environment (which is the basis of Trackmania Nations), there are many new track blocks that will challenge the seasoned players of this arcade racing game. Dirt, ice and raised terrain, plus new crazier power-ups are now included.

It’s also has a confusing business model. The game’s free-to-play, but that’s for Starter Access. You’ll get access to 25 tracks that will rotate quarterly, and basic access to the track editor and livery editor. You can also access the Arcade, which gives a glimpse of the many user-created tracks.

There are paid tiers with more features which sort of like a subscription service but feels more like a season pass (you’ll get to keep the all the quarterly rotating official tracks, plus all of the Track Of The Day which equates to a permanent unlock of 100+365 tracks).

It’s confusing, but at least the free-to-play version has no strings attached and lets you sample enough of the game before you decide it’s worth a RM35 purchase (for one year) or not.

If you want a more simpler Trackmania in the usual video game package, Trackmania Turbo is still there and is still good.

Trackmania is out now for PC on the Epic Games Store and Uplay.

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