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The Mighty Quest For Epic Loot (Mobile) – Review

One-finger looter-hack-n'-slasher


Do you remember The Mighty Quest For Epic Loot? It was a free-to-play game by Ubisoft that involves Diablo-like action RPG and an interesting castle building mechanic, where you make the levels other players are raiding and looting.

You don’t? Yeah, unfortunately, that game got shut down.

Fortunately, The Mighty Quest For Epic Loot has now lived on again as a mobile game, with some major changes. It’s a decent free-to-play action RPG, but without any neat gimmicks, I find it hard to imagine this game can stand out from the deluge of free mobile games.


First, let’s start with the strong point of The Mighty Quest For Epic Loot. Its loot is epic. As in, the whole look and feel really stand out. The whole aesthetic is about simple colour shades but with art design that stands out.

There’s a good amount of variety on how the loot, or gear, you acquire. The levels, which may be simple to navigate, is nice to look at. A good mix of drab dungeons and appropriately opulent landscapes. The combat sounds punchy and feels satisfying thanks to the nice little animations.

There’s this hint of edginess to the dialogue texts, but it’s totally PG-13.

However, I feel that some parts of the UI are a little too cluttered. I don’t feel the need to have a tab just for the many different ways to upgrade because I prefer doing it all on the gear tab. But going in one of the upgrades menu, then exit back and it will throw me to the upgrade tab, not the gear tab I was on before. A few of the menus feel like one click too many. And the in-game shop is a mess of too many options to throw your premium currency, or real money, at.


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The Mighty Quest For Epic Loot is an action RPG looter game, or a hack-and slash Diablo-like. A looter-hack-n’-slasher?

The premise is that you need to traverse the lands of Opulencia in search of the Epic King, and get loot along the way. The lands are conveniently, separated into multiple floating islands, which makes up for the bite-sized levels.

These levels take less than 3 minutes to complete, with some branching paths that hide treasure chests. The gameplay loop is simple- go in a level, kill enemies, loot the area, win, upgrade or get more loot, and repeat. It’s simple, but proven.

Being on mobile devices, the game is designed for one thumb/finger use. Tap and hold to move, swipe to roll and tap to attack. You have access to three skill buttons, located depending on the opposite side of the screen of your dominant hand- to the lefties out there, the developers got you covered.

The combat is pretty satisfying. The characters, both yours and the enemies, are animated well and there’s a good heft on each melee attack. Especially the hammer, it has a good thud to it. When you’re overpowered, tapping the screen is just glorious to see.

But it’s not that simplistic. As later levels reveal, there are enemies with specific attack patterns, each clearly projected beforehand with glowing circles and lines like an MMO RPG. This is seen most in the boss fights. Status effects and environmental hazards also come into play later on. It difficulty trickles in slowly- you’ll be getting progress blocks thanks to the required gear level than the moment-to-moment gameplay most of the time- but it does ratchet up significantly.

But the thing is, outside of the small details, this is pretty much what you’d expect on any other RPG of its liking on mobile. Sans waifus.


Mighty Quest does not have customisable characters, unfortunately- so you’re stuck with that generic default man. Though thankfully, the gear you get to equip really changes your look drastically. Some of the gear even changes appearance once you’ve upgraded it to a higher star.

The game does not have classes, so you can mix and match your gear, weapons, skills and talents (passives) to your liking. There’s some depth to mixing the skills and talents, you can totally make one skill overpowered by stacking all the passives slots for just one skill.

There’s only one ranged weapon type on launch- the staff. So even with the classless system, there is not much variety on character builds that changes your moment-to-moment gameplay.

There are ten Acts in Mighty Quest that makes up for your normal progression currently, with two additional harder difficulties to unlock. With the usual energy meter and the bump in required gear score, our guess is that it will take a week or two of playing to see them all without spending money.

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There is a PVP mode, the Arena. It’s a four-player, free-for-all deathmatch and it’s utter chaos. The good thing is matches are only one-minute long so you don’t feel too salty if you’re losing thanks to kill-stealers. It’s a legitimate strategy in this mode.

The loot itself is great, but earning the good ones, of course, will take time and money. There are loot chests you can open, both using paid currency and in-game resources. There is also a battle pass, the paid version is bought using the paid currency. And there’s tons and tons of paid bundles on offer. Ubisoft isn’t shy about asking for your money.

The problem is the loot from regular levels are, as expected, pretty useless. You can fuse those loot to level up the ones you love, and you can raise each of the loot’s star level, should you have the resources. It’s time-consuming, but possible. But it makes that rare occasion of a good chest opening more exciting. Just like any mobile game these days.

But, if you don’t mind all of these, Mighty Quest will keep your busy. PVP, battle pass challenges, daily tasks, and events will keep you busy, and the developers promise to continue updating the game.

Personal Enjoyment

I came in with zero expectations on Mighty Quest. And I came out after completing half of the main progression Acts, and a lot of the PVP, feeling this game is okay. Ubisoft Paris Mobile nailed the loot design, which got me hooked enough to play until the game has me stopping due to energy meters. It’s a competently made action RPG, and simplified in the right ways for mobile.

But maybe a bit too simple and a bit too bland as a result. I wish there were a gender choice and distinct character classes. And I can’t point any cool gimmick or mechanic that other mobile game hasn’t done yet.

Also, I have to point out during the review process, the servers can be a bit lagging. So many button prompts took too long to process- which adds to the clunky UI feel. There were even server outages and lost saves happening. Though the game heavily compensated for such errors- I got enough premium currency from these issues to get the battle pass.


The Mighty Quest For Epic Loot delivers a solid action RPG experience for free on mobile. The well-crafted loot and gear designs you get to wear, the pretty art style and good-feeling combat should be enough for some folks to keep their thumb tapping every day. But aside from that, everything else feels too familiar if you’ve seen and played enough mobile games.

Mighty Quest is decent, but at its current state, it will need to do more to keep you hooked in the long run. It’s still worth checking out for a bit if you’re curious.

The game is out now on iOS and Android.

Review based on the Android version played on a Moto G5. Early access to the game provided by the publisher


Mighty Quest For Epic Loot (Mobile)

Mighty Quest For Epic Loot delivers a solid action RPG experience for free on mobile. But aside from its very pleasing presentation, gear and combat, it just doesn't stand out enough compared to other free mobile games.

At its current state, it will need to do more to keep you coming for more. It's still worth checking out for a bit if you're curious.

  • Presentation 7.5
  • Gameplay 7
  • Content 8.5
  • Personal Enjoyment 7.5