The Last Starship, The Next Game From Prison Architect Devs, Getting A Demo

Introversion Software is gearing up to release its upcoming game, The Last Starship, into Early Access. This is from the developer that brought us the excellent prison-builder and management sim Prison Architect, and the pre-indie indie hits Darwinia and DEFCON.

In The Last Starship, you’ll be going on a voyage into the unknown (because the sector map is all procedurally generated). Players pick a ship hull, and then will have to design what goes inside said ship, from building engines and life support to picking who to crew the ship.

From there, you’ll explore space which may lead you to combat encounters or opportunities for trade.

The Last Starship is FTL by way of Prison Architect, in a way.

The Last Starship will launch in Early Access this year in 2023. But before that, there will be a demo available starting January 26, and will be part of the next Steam Next Fest from February 6-23.

The demo will let you explore the first three sectors, which should be enough to sample a taste of all the different mechanics available. When it becomes available, you can download it from the Steam page here.

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