The Evil Within 2 Out Now, Here’s The Launch Trailer

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The Evil Within 2 Out Now, Here’s The Launch Trailer

As promised, Bethesda is releasing the sequel to their horror game The Evil Within just at the right time- October 13. This is true in Asian markets particularly Malaysia as well for the PS4.

The follow-up to Shinji Mikami’s new horror series now has a bigger world to roam in, but even more sinister horrors that will be seen.

“The Evil Within 2 represents our vision for the advancement of survival horror games,” said Mikami, now taking the role of producer, in a press release. “We’ve created a frightening world with tension-filled twists and disturbing moments, and give players the choice between multiple paths and tactics as they fight for survival. You must prepare wisely in order to come out alive.”

As Sebastian Castellanos, you will have to face another nightmare world for a chance to save his daughter. And if you need more convincing how disturbing things will go, then watch this launch trailer.

You can get it now digitally on the Playstation Store here, or at your local retailers for the physical release.

The Evil Within 2 is also available on Xbox One and PC.

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