The Division 2 Is Having A Free Weekend, And Also 65% Off

Ubisoft’s RPG looter-cover-shooter The Division 2 is having a free weekend. If you are curious about the game, now’s the time to give it a try for free.

The free weekend is live now and lasts until October 21st, 4PM Malaysian Time.

In addition, The Division 2 is now 65% off across all platforms. On PS Store Asia for PS4, it’s RM80.50. On PC, it’s RM73.15 on Uplay and $17.49 USD (around RM17.13) on the Epic Games Store.

Yes, Uplay now accepts Ringgit Malaysia.

The free weekend is timed with a new update, Title Update 6, which has a huge patch note accompanying it. Plus, it comes with Episode 2, a free addition that adds new story beats for all players, with Year Pass owners getting early access.

Our early impressions of The Division 2 back when it was beta was a positive improvement over the flawed first game. But why listen to our opinions alone when you can try the game for yourself right now.

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