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The Division 2 Is Bringing Some Significant Tweaks To The Dark Zone, Includes Competitive Multiplayer On Launch


The Dark Zone is one of the highlights of The Division. The main campaign is just PvE and is instanced to only you and up to three friends. But going to the Dark Zone will have you match up with other players where the enemies are tough, the loot is great but risky to get and you cannot trust anyone, even your party. It’s a high risk, high-reward PvE and PvP mode.

The Dark Zone returns in The Division 2. Instead of one blob on the map separated into different level ranges, there are now three different Dark Zones. There’s more incentive to go rogue as now there are three different rogue status. Minor grievances like stealing items will get you rogue status. Opening fire on other agents ticks you up into Disavowed Rogue and continue to do so will list you as a high-priority target where everyone on the map will probably hunt you down. Going rogue lets you get more loot, even in the lowest tier that do not require killing other players.

Also, to combat veteran players cheesing by killing new players in front of each Dark Zone entry, there are now turrets that will shoot rogues on sight. And weapon damage is normalised. For those seeking even more hardcore experience, there’s also the Occupied Dark Zone, where you cannot even see any player’s rogue status, with better loot and no normalised¬†damage.

In addition, competitive multiplayer/PvP modes, called Conflict, will be available on launch. There are two modes here, either Domination or Skirmish, played in 4V4. Conflict also has its own progression system with rewards that can be carried back to the main campaign. There will be three maps, set outside of the main game. More modes, areas and content will be added post-launch.

The Division 2 will be out on PS4, PC (Epic Games Store, Uplay), and Xbox One March 15th.