The Cycle And Specs Ops: The Line Developers Yager Gets Minority Investments By Tencent

More Tencent money

Yager, the Berlin-based developers that made Spec Ops: The Line and now the Early Access title The Cycle, announced to have received an investment from Tencent.

This “strategic minority investment” will see Yager using the funds to continue development on The Cycle and other projects, as the developers are now self-publishing.

“We’re humbled to join the line-up of Tencent partners, which reads like a games industry Who’s Who,” said Yager CEO Timo Ullmann. “We’re confident that this will greatly enhance the scope of our business, not just by getting access to Tencent’s network and resources, but by tapping the vast industry know-how Tencent possesses.”

Recently, Tencent invested in PlatinumGames, who are also moving into self-publishing. The first of such projects is crowdfunding The Wonderful 101 ports to Switch, PC, and PS4. Tencent also has expressed interesting in purchasing Funcom.

Yager made names for producing Spec Ops: The Line, an okay-ish third-person cover shooter that gained critical acclaim thanks to its story deconstructing the horrors of war and shooter games. Currently, they are working on The Cycle, a “competitive quest shooter”, which free-to-play on PC via the Epic Games Store.

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