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The Crew 2 Outlines The First Year Of Post-Launch Updates


With The Crew 2 launching at the end of this month, developers Ivory Tower have outlined how the first year of post-launch content will be. So far, it’s a rather welcoming addition.

One thing that’s changing is how they handle season pass and expansions. There will be no paywall to extra content, so all future content will not require an extra purchase as seen The Crew which had two paid expansions. The first year will see three ‘live updates’ which will include one new racing discipline and one new game feature.

The first of the live updates, called Gator Rush, will add in the hovercraft discipline and adds a new rarity to all performance parts- the gold legendary.

Each month will see two new vehicles being added. Season Pass owners gets access to them one week early  before they are available to all players.

PVP mode, which is absent at the moment, will be coming in December as well.

It’s interesting to see the developers are upfront and already looking ahead for post-launch updates, especially for a live game like The Crew 2. The Crew saw almost three years of updates, from a major overhaul in UI and graphics to the usual bug fixes, which now ends as the sequel is about to release.

The Crew 2 will be out on June 29th for the PS4, PC and Xbox One. Read about our first impressions of the closed beta for the game here.