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Thanks To Regional Pricing, Gears 5 Is Ridiculously Cheap On Steam


Did you know that Gears 5, Xbox’s big first-party title this year, is not only coming to PC, but also on Steam? And did you know that, it’s also using Steam’s regional pricing?

Thanks to that regional pricing, Gears 5 is now in the growing list of AAA games priced at $60USD but translates to RM95 in Malaysia. Bloodlines 2 and Grid (2019) are also priced as such.

Compared to on the Microsoft Store (which does accept Malaysian Ringgit), Gears 5 there is RM236. Though buying there means you’re getting the Xbox One version as well, as part of Xbox Play Everywhere.

Also note that Gears 5 on Steam still requires you to have an Xbox Live account, akin to how Ubisoft games still require you to have UPlay despite buying from other stores.

Still, if you’re curious about the shooter, which has been getting rave reviews, there’s a cheaper option should you choose to go on PC. Gears 5 will be out tomorrow for the PC (Microsoft Store, Steam) and Xbox One.