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Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines 2 Is Really Cheap On Steam In Southeast Asia

Thanks, regional pricing


Paradox Interactive are now breaking away from their usual strategy game niche with the announcement of Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines 2. New studio Hardsuit Labs, which employ a few veterans that have worked on Bloodlines, are making the sequel to this cult-hit RPG.

Unlike recent big game announcements, like Borderlands 3, Bloodlines 2 will not be an Epic Games exclusive. This was communicated on the dev Q&A livestream (here) and also multiple times on Twitter.

This is good news for Steam fans, especially if you are in Southeast Asia. Because Bloodlines 2 is making use of Steam’s regional pricing feature, it’s pretty affordable.

As is listed on Steam, Bloodlines 2 is only RM95 (around $23 USD). And Bloodlines 2 is a full $60 USD game, which translates to around RM220-240 through normal currency conversions.

Checking the price on Steamprices also reveals similar pricing for other countries in Southeast Asia. For the Philippines, it’s   1,219.95 (around RM95). Indonesia and Thailand have a relatively cheaper price at Rp 249999 (around RM 72.30,) and ฿ 699 (around RM 89.70) respectively.

Singapore is slightly more expensive at $49 SGD (around RM148) but that is sort of expected.

Though this is not a peculiar case. Paradox has been offering most of its games on Steam with an affordable price for Southeast Asian markets, prices that make more sense according to the country’s purchasing power. But with Bloodlines 2 being a full $60 USD game going this low, it’s pretty astounding to see. And we have to note that other publishers like WB Games have utilised regional pricing before on Steam, just not to this extent.

We would love to see more games priced like this for Southeast Asia.

Bloodlines 2 will be out for blood in Q1 2020 on PS4, PC (Steam, Epic Games Store, GOG, Paradox Store) and Xbox One.

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