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Borderlands 3 Confirmed Coming Out On September 13th With New Trailer


The leaks were true. Borderlands 3, the long-awaited looter-shooter sequel from Gearbox Software, has a release date and it will be this year. This comes from a new trailer, this time laying down some gameplay features.

For one, we have hard confirmation of the four vault hunters you can play this time: Moze (the one that can summon a pilotable mech), Fl4k (who summons beasts), Amara (the ripped Siren that can create etheral hands for extra punches of firepower) and Zane (the gadget person). Like previous games, each character has unique abilities though there may be more synergies between the characters this time around should you play co-op. The baddies this time is the Calypso Twins.

Split-screen co-op will be available up to two players. Though this time, loot is instanced so no more arguing who gets which guns this time. And of course, tons and tons of procedurally generated guns

Borderlands 3 will also take place outside of the barren wasteland of Pandora (or its moon) for the first time, so more variation of locales to visit.

With the trailer comes another announcement: a first look at proper gameplay will be revealed on May 1st.

Borderlands 3 will be out on PS4, PC (Epic Games Store-limited time exclusive until April 2020) and Xbox One on September 13th.

Via Polygon