Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown To Be Set In Hong Kong Island, Releases In September 2022

The other open world racing game car fans are waiting for, Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown, has got another reveal, but this time, we learn something more substantial.

In particular, we now know the location.

At the 2021 Nacon Connect, another cinematic (not gameplay) trailer is revealed, but continues from the initial tease. The hints we saw in the previous teaser like right-hand-drive cars and number plates that looks like it’s in Britain (or former Britain colonies) were true, we’re going to Hong Kong Island.

Expect to drive on the left side of the road and do some off-road racing. The cinematic trailer highlights the highway network in the modern urban areas, as well as the more cozy parts of town filled with neon street signs and parallel-parked cars on the street side.

This is all cinematic footage, proper gameplay might not be as extravagant as what the trailer here shows.

Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown is developed by a whole new team, but publishers Nacon and developers KT Racing continues to ensure they keep saying the right things.

In the short interview with the developers after the trailer reveal, we hear the game being referred to as an MMO, with Hong Kong Island being replicated in 1:1 scale, two key tenets of the original series created by Eden Studios.

Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown will also see you joining either of two clans, the Streets and the Sharps, and they have different viewpoints despite both being groups of car enjoyers. This is on top of the previously revealed Solar Crown tournament that is at the heart of the game.

Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown will be coming out on September 22, 2022 for the PS4, PS5, PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S and Nintendo Switch.

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