New Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown Trailer Is Another Tease Of The Racing Game Series’ Return

Nacon and KT Racing shared a new trailer for the upcoming Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown. It’s only a minute and a bit long, so another teaser just like the reveal.

The new teaser trailer gives off the mood for the return of the open-world racing game series. Live a lavish life owning the many real-world cars. Lavish enough to gamble on pink slips. An Aston Martin and a Range Rover feature prominently, but you can see other high-end car marques like Bugatti and Lamborghini teased.

Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown will be made by a new publisher and developer team, but promises to capture the same DNA of the past two entries. Expect a good selection of real-life cars you possibly can’t afford outside a video game, customisable avatars and of course, an open world to drive and race in.

The next info drop for the game is expected to be coming later in July.

Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown has no release date yet, but it’s in development for the PS4, PS5, PC (Steam, Epic Games store), Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S and Nintendo Switch.

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